Why 3DS Max Is Good For Dynamics?

March 17, 2013 Softwares

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Autodesk 3Ds Max, is publicly known as 3DS Max or 3D Studio Max, it’s very interesting graphic design software, and it is used for modeling, Rigging, Animation and Rendering.

There are four view ports in 3DS Max:-

  • Top View: - In Top view we can see top part of any image or object.
  • Front View: – In Front view we can see front hand end of image.
  • Left or Right View:- This view is used to see left or right side of any image or object.
  • Perspective View: - This view is also known as special view because in this view we can see all sides of any object.

This software is mainly used for game modeling or game development.

Now the question is what is dynamics? And how 3DS max is good for Dynamics?

Dynamics are movement or forces or motions of any object. In 3DS Max we can move any object or speed up its force like

  1. Continuous water falling
  2. Show Broken shades in glasses
  3. Dust moving in air.

3DS Max gives a real look to any object through dynamics…We can also use dynamics in MAYA but 3DS max is specially used for dynamics.

I know this article is not gives you complete knowledge about this software but in future I will learn more about 3DS Max and after that I will share my knowledge with you.. Now its tea time friends :) :)  good Bye