Responsive Website VS Mobile Website

March 19, 2013 Web Design

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Have you notice when you open a website in your mobile it looks different in compare to desktop (Computer or laptop) version? General users not have this question answer because they are using your website to buy products or services from website. But as a web Designer or Web Developer or as a SEO you must have knowledge about that website.

Currently there are 3 types of website design avails in the market:-

  • Normal Website:-  This type of website looks same in mobile devices, Ipads and computers so mobile users will not easily understand its content.
  • Mobile Website:- This website is design according to mobile devices, Ipads and IPhones and its url also different, suppose main website is ( so mobile website url will be (
  • Responsive Website:- This is the advance method and its used by many website. In this technology your website url will remains same in both mobile and computers, in this version website design automatically adjust according to device dimensions

That’s why mostly businesses wants responsive website for their business.

These are following benefits of responsive Website:-

  • Reduce maintenance Cost: – Responsive website will save your lots of money because you no need to pay a company or web developer for both of your websites. (Mobile website and Normal Website).
  • Easy To Mange: – Its Really easy to manage and update 1 website in place of two websites.
  • SEO Friendly: – Responsive Website is SEO Friendly it’s really easy to doing SEO for Responsive website because you no need to do SEO for mobile website separately.
  • User Friendly: – Responsive Website is user friendly because user can easily access your website and get relevant information from your website.

If you have any doubts or questions about responsive website or mobile website just drop me mail or comment here…Good bye Friends…