Important On-Page Optimization Factors

April 15, 2013 SEO

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These days SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is not too easy task as compared to the past. This time if you want to rank high in all major search engines then you must need to correct your website on page SEO factors to achieve your goals.

These are few On- Page Factors  which needs to improve :

  • Meta Tags: - Meta tags (Title, Keywords & Description) are the main part of on-page SEO because if your website meta tags are not good, not informative and not related to your content or product then search engine will not consider your website as a good website or user friendly website.
  • Heading Tags: - Heading tags (H1, H2, H3) are an important part of any web page because it helps search engine to understand your website . Use heading tags in sequence  like h1, h2, h3 not in this form h1, h5, h2, because search engine likes clean code.
  • Image Optimization: – Search engine crawlers are not able to read images, they can read image through ALT tags so use the correct ALT tag on all your product images so the spiders will easily understand your product.
  • Content Optimization: - Check your content twice before update it on your official website because if your content is not informative and it’s not user friendly then google will not give any weightage to your website.
  • Broken Links: – Check your website broken links time to time and remove all broken links . You can check broken links using these 2 tools ( or (Xenu broken link checker).

Create an SEO Audit for your website and add these factors in that list  and let me know If you any doubt about these  factors. Good Night… J