How To Increase Or Improve Facebook Fan Page Likes ?

May 1, 2013 SMO

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When I see thousand of likes on a particular business Facebook fan page , I was thinking what I do to increase my Facebook page likes, last month I was starting work on that page and finally I get good results using these methods. I am sharing with you some tips how you can improve your Facebook fan page likes :-

  • Update New Status On A Daily Basis : - Whenever you use Facebook 1 or 2 or 3 times in a day try to update some informational status on your page related to your page suppose if your page is related to technology then update status related to technology
  • Share Images : –  Share some informational images which are related to your page lets assume that your fb page is related to mobile phones then share new mobile phone images on it, try to create images which contains some features about that mobile like screen size, processor, internal memory, software version(Android, or windows).  Then the user will definitely like user page and that image.
  • Share Useful Links : – I know it’s not possible to provide all information through your website , so the best way to hold your page users, share some useful links on your fan page so that user will like or subscribe your page for future latest news.
  • Create Groups : – Create Groups and add maximum users to that group and share useful tips on that group.
  • Increase Your Network: - To Increase the number of likes it is important to increase the number of friends in your profile so that maximum users will like your page.
  • Offline Marketing : –  Online marketing is just not enough to increase likes or to promote your brand , you have to promote your page through offline marketing suppose you are lens supplier then print your fan page url on your packaging material and write an attractive slogan on it like” if you like our product like us on our Facebook fan page “ so that you can increase your page likes easily.

Overall the point , is provide the best information and products to your customers and users so that you can easily promote your brand with any hard work.