Google Announcement – Google Reader Will shut Down Soon

March 15, 2013 Google Updates

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Yesterday I was shocked when I got to know that Google is deciding to shut down Google reader service from 1st of july 2013. Google Reader was started in early 2005 by Chris Wetherell. Google Reader provides services for viewing and reading blogs through RSS Feed

Google Reader service is used by millions of people in the world for reading informational blogs easily.

These are the main reasons of shutting down Google reader (described by Google Team):-

  • Usage of google reader has declined
  • And other reason is that company is pouring all their energy into fewer products.

There are also many other Reader options available on internet to learn blogs easily like flipboard and pulse but according to me nobody can replace Google reader position, I personally use Google reader service to read my favorite blogs  to improve my knowledge , I think this time I also need to find out some other option for reading blogs.

I think its time to find out some new companies to read blogs easily using RSS