Best Websites Or Blogs To Update Your Web Development Skills

March 22, 2013 Web Development


I love to spend my mostly time over the internet for reading web development & online marketing blogs to increase my web development and online marketing skills .Today I am sharing some interesting blogs which are really helpful to increase your knowledge and skills.

  • A LIST PART:- A List Part is one of my preferred blog .The content and tips of this blog is awesome, If you have any doubts related to web design, web development or UX Design must read this blog weekly or regularly to update your skills.
  • SMASHING MAGAZINE:- Last year one of my friend refer me to read this blog, He is a professional web developer, This blog  contains such a useful information about Web Design  and wordpress.
  • WEB MONKEY:- This one is also good resources to learn something new, lots of tutorials are available in this website like Ajax,javascript HTML5 Etc.
  • XHTML-CSS – CODE.COM:- As its name XHTML – CSS, If you looking for best XHTML and CSS Resources to improve or update your CSS & XHTML knowledge must read this website.

If you guys have some other web development blogs which are helpful to update my code skills please share with me…. :) Good Bye….