A Summary Of Ruby On Rails And Its Platform

May 28, 2013 Web Development

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The need to have easy technological options have always been explored and tried to find solutions towards. One such advancement in the computer programming language was the development of Ruby on Rails in the year 1995 by Yukihiro Matzumoto. It’s an open source programming language which remained academic for most part of its initial phase. Later, with the passing time the popularity has gained a lot among the enterprise development community inclusive of both system managers and programmers. The advantages that ROR has as an open source platform is being fully realized with the help of developing strong applications and heavy codes which are simple to work upon.

Although Ruby on Rails is relatively newer to the developers than the competing languages yet it has held its ground among them. Rails actually helped to save a lot of time on the custom development of each application. It was able to mitigate the drawbacks in other languages and this is the reason for ROR is so famous. Developers now use ROR for e-commerce, distributed computing technology, social networking, and the data networking domain among several others to get the most out of it. Its aim to provide convention over the configuration has largely been the reason for the success which has come its way while competing with other languages.

Lately, the growth in Ruby on Rails platform is significant due to the ease of use. The seemingly large number of files created during projects using another language is mostly absorbed in ROR and also it sets forth the basic convention for the database table, column, file and also names the directory structure. An increased number of large sites that have started using the ROR is proof enough for its growing importance and preparedness for higher echelons. Its is very strong as providing high level  of scalability and proved to be effective while handling millions of users and other transactions as well.